Research Group Hoffmann - Inst. for Appl. Mater. - Ceramic Mater. and Technologies (IAM-KWT)

Ceramic materials, material design, processing, sintering and grain growth, mircrostructure, mechanical and electrical properties

The group of the IAM-KWT works intensively on the preparation and characterization of functional and structural materials and components, whereby the functional ceramics focusing on solid electrolytes and ferroelectric materials. In the field of process technology, the development and processing of materials up to components is fundamentally investigated. The sintered ceramics are characterized at the microscopic and macroscopic level. Mechanical as well as electrical properties are in the focus of the macroscopic properties. Additionally, the long term behavior is considered and lifetime models are derived. Since macroscopic properties of ceramic materials are definitively determined by their microstructure, which in turn is closely linked to the process technology, the microstructural characterization is one of the central cross-sectional tasks, both for process technology and for the evaluation of macroscopic properties. In addition to ceramic materials, other research areas are the development of glass soldering for solid oxide fuel cells and the characterization of soft-magnetic materials.

Head Prof. Dr. Michael J. Hoffmann
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