Research Group Nirschl - Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics (MVM)

Processes in Process Engineering (e. g. Filtration, Centrifugation, Agglomeration), development of simulation and characterization methods

The research group focusses on process machines used in diverse processes involving small scale, mainly nano scale particles in a fluid phase, mainly filtration and centrifugation as well as mixing and agglomeration. The processing of these nano-scale particles is one of the main objectives. Production, processing and characterisation are challenging and require developments. Diverse techniques are explored aiming on a better understanding of the named processes. Apart from commercially available characterisation methods, the group explores and develops measurement techniques, among which SAXS and NMR are mentioned as well as special techniques for determination of adhesion forces. The group develops also simulation techniques to predict multi-phase flow with a sufficiently good accuracy  (CFD combined with dicrete element methods, Lattice-Boltzmann or Stokes-dynamics codes in collaboration with “Angewandte und Numerische Mathematik”. Finally, the process knowledge obtained by application of dedicated characterization and simulation techniques leads to the development of new machines and apparatuses, which are realised in the mechanical and electrial workshops on the basis of the long-term experience of the institute in construction and design.

Head Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hermann Nirschl
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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics (MVM)
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