Research Group Schabel - Inst. of Thermal Process Engineering - Thin Film Technology (TVT-TFT)

Thin film processing for energy storage, conversion and printed sensors

The Thin Film Technology group headed by Prof. Wilhelm Schabel and Dr. Philip Scharfer deals with the production of thin functional films. The liquid phase coating processes as well as the subsequent drying are of particular interest. The most important fields of interest are the processing of lithium ion battery electrodes and the fabrication of organic and printed electronics. A key question for both fields of research is how drying conditions affect the functionality of the deposited film.Fundamental research and application oriented development of industrial coating processes both are in the center of interest. The TFT group has years of extensive experience in constructing and operating of experimental plants for coating and drying under defined boundary conditions or to determine material and mass transport properties. In addition, many models and simulations are developed to gather a further understanding of the investigated phenomena and their application in industrial coating and drying processes.

Head Prof. Wilhelm Schabel
Dr. Philip Scharfer
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