Research Group Wilhelm - Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP)

Rheology, Anionic polymerization, Polymer foams, Method Development, Combined Methods

The correlation of the molecular structure of a polymer material with its mechanical properties is the basic idea of the scientific work in the group of Prof. Wilhelm. We develop combined rheological and molecular experimental techniques and use advanced polymer chemistry to create well-defined materials with targeted mechanical properties. As an example, we are synthesizing polymers with well-defined molecular topologies to use in a fundamental investigation of their foaming properties and comparing these results with simulations. We develop new and original ideas in desalination using superabsorbers, development of an entropy wheel that uses temperature differences to perform mechanical work and in low-field NMR spectroscopy. In the area of method development, we have developed the following simultaneous characterization techniques: Rheo-Dielectric, Rheo-SAXS, Rheo-NMR, DMA-Dielectric, SEC-NMR, SEC-FTIR and SEC-QCL-IR. We are part of the Sonderforschungsbereich 1176 on "Molecular Structuring of Soft Matter". In addition, we have close cooperations with industry and other universities.

Head Prof. Dr. Manfred Wilhelm
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