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Organic Synthesis of Nano Structures

Both MOFs (metal organic frameworks) and SURMOFs (surface mounted MOFs) as well as COFs (covalent organic frameworks) and amorphous organic networks play a great role in the fields of gas separation, gas storage, catalysis and in optoeletronic applications. The subgroup “nanostructures” of the Bräse group is focusing on the synthesis of two and three-dimensional porous structures, as well as the synthesis of suitable core structures. In order to develop permanent porous structures, rigid, mostly aromatic moieties with special topologies are needed. Therefore, our group synthesizes differently substituted tetrahedral (mostly tetraphenylmethane derivatives), pseudo octahedral (bis-tritylbenzene derivatives), trigonal planar (triphenylbenzene moieties) as well as linear molecules. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christof Wöll (IFG), Dr. Manuel Tsotsalas (IFG), Dr. Alexander Colsmann (LTI), Prof. Dr. Michael Meier (IOC) and Dr. Frieder Scheiba (IAM-ESS) as well as within the scope of SFB1176, further network syntheses are realized and the structures are investigated in terms of potential applications. Additionally, using [2.2]paracyclophane derivatives leads to the introduction of stereocenters within the structures. Additionally, synthetic approaches towards new OLED emitter molecules are under investigation.

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